Bringing Dogs to Australia

Written by Lucas McCormick

Shipping a dog into Australia is not a simple task as you may want to assume. It takes some bit of preparation, and it is also costly. Also, you should have in mind that in Australia, high-security measures are typically put in place for biosecurity purposes. We have come up with this guide to enable you to do your preparations appropriately any time you need to move your dog to Australia. Here is a list of some procedures you will undertake when it’s time to move your dog to Australia.

  • Import Permit

It’s compulsory to acquire a valid import permit for the dog which should be done 42 days prior.  The permit contains the conditions under which the dog is to be imported, and you should be aware that you will part with some good amount of bucks to take care of this permit.  All the highlighted conditions on the license have to be adhered to under which upon violation the dog is subjected to several measures which include exportation, additional veterinary tests and a prolonged stay at the entry quarantine facility.

  • Quarantine

Once you have succeeded in acquiring an import permit for the dog, the next step is to make a reservation at the quarantine facility. This is usually important to ensure that you don’t experience delays with the intended importation date. Once the dog lands in Australia, it has to spend at least 10 days at a quarantine facility. While on quarantine, you don’t have to worry about food and medication for your dog because there are usually specialized caretakers assigned to take care of that. If interested, you also get to enjoy post quarantine home delivery services for the dog to your doorstep.

  • Veterinary Credentials

Before even acquiring an import permit for your dog, you should see a qualified vet to check and stamp the rabies vaccination certificate and the RNAT test laboratory report as well. The veterinary also ensures that the RNAT declaration meets all the requirements.

  • Vaccination, Blood Tests and Treatments

Another crucial factor to give precedence when it comes to bringing your dog to Australia is the tests and vaccinations. This should be done in good time to avoid travel delays. This involves running a rabies antibody titer test that should be carried three to four weeks after an inactivated rabies vaccination. The reason behind this test is to ensure that your dog has received an adequate dose of rabies antibody. Additional tests and treatments are also administered.

What Duration Does the Preparation Take?

How long you are likely to take in the preparation to relocate your dog to Australia varies from one individual to another. This is determined by how far you have gone with taking care of your dog’s treatment needs. If you haven’t done any yet, you may need at about seven months for preparation in regards to the highly strict biosecurity laws that are exercised in Australia. Also, this is majorly attributed by the fact that your dog has to receive rabies neutralizing titer test 180 days before the migration.

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