Australian Clothing

What people wear in Australia

Written by Lucas McCormick

Australian fashion trends and consequently the clothing they wear are mainly dependent on three factors. They are the climate, one’s inner personality, and culture. When I say inner personality I mean there are myriad clothing outfits out there. However Australians are very careful in choosing what they wear. It can be because of the sun, or because you are feeling in a bright mood today. One way or another, what the typical Australian wears undoubtedly reflects his inner vibe. Australians are good at vibing with their surroundings. It is a skill that they adopted as of centuries ago, when they first set foot on that beautiful country. Back then, the Australian subcontinent was only inhabited by the aborigines dressed in possum skin cloaks. The first Englishmen soon blended that dress style with their riding boots and jackets and greatcoats, to produce a whole new sense of style in Australia. And thus was born the fashion boom in Australia.

Today, Australians are not so different than what they were back then.

image is showing people in the street

Today, they still retain the ability to wear the climate, to wear their inner selves on their sleeves    The typical Australian dresses different from the rest of the world. If he doesn’t feel good about a style of clothing then he ditches it. That’s because his sense of style and who is are is very important to him. Looking great isn’t enough, he needs to feel that way.     Today, as of March 2019, you will see that retro is all the rage among men, and loud boisterous dresses, among women. That is indicative of how men and women feel differently about themselves within the Australian fashion rind. Women are brighter, and men feel more conserved. This is possibly due to the chilly climate that has a dulling effect on the male Australians psyche, and an inverse effect on the Australian woman.

However fashion in Australia is past paced and ever changing and what is here today will be something else tomorrow.

Back in the 1930s, women and men of Australia wore clothes that were gender neutral.

image is showing people in 1930

The cotton pants for example, that was all the rage in the 1930s. Both men and women wore similar outfits. That was the birth of the gender neutral fashion pang, which still prevails today. It is not uncommon to walk around on the street and notice a girl wearing a male’s T-shirt. However you can hardly tell the difference, because she wears it with her own style.

That shows how one dress can be made to look like something else altogether, just by looking comfortable in it.

Another thing that many strangers to Australian fashion would find hilarious is that some schools mandate sun hats as a part of the school uniform. That couldn’t happen anywhere else but in Australia. That’s an example of how greatly climate changes influence our tastes in what we wear.

Nearly as much as Australian fashion depends on climate and personality; it also derives its roots from celebrity worship. Back in the 1990s, Kate Moss was an icon all over Australia. What she wore was what Australian youth wore. What she did, was what they did. And if she went on a starvation binge, millions of Australians would do the same.    All this gave way to a new fashion trend like the leopard skin tank tops that are common among young people now. I remember the same dress was all the rage in stalls in Sydney in the late 1990s. All this happened just a celebrity once wore it.

But no trend in Australia is the same as it was before.

Trends change like lighting and evolve just as fast. Above all, it is that climate/style/culture equation that I mentioned earlier, that plays a big role in shaping Australian perspectives. Those perspectives then manifest in the form of the clothes they wear. The art of vibing the surrounding, and dressing for the climate, through one’s own unique style, that is the definition of Australian fashion sense.

To tourists in Australia this can seem a bit outrageous. They get mystified at the weird blend of styles they cannot comprehend. However to a true Australian, one’s fashion is one’s soul. And that itself will always be the everlasting trend of fashionable dressing in Australia.

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