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Written by Lucas McCormick


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I am an Australian business traveler. There is a certain situation that needs to be avoided while traveling. Especially from Australia to Los Angeles. You can have a lot of conditions like getting stressed, frustrated and anxious are some of the things. That’s why you should prepare to avoid while traveling either for leisure or business purpose. Especially if the trip is based on a business purpose. Speaking from experience, this should be considered carefully to have the right state of mind in executing properly. Professionally the business has chosen to be embarked on, as it can either be your only source of livelihood or side hustle. Either way, it is a means to an end. Therefore, there is a need to avoid or remove all the stress. That is most likely to be encountered from the travel experience.


OF There is no doubt that there are several drawbacks when it comes to traveling, but often it is usually worth it when cheques are involved. The secret to successful trips includes: Being Prepared: In a city like Los Angeles, it is advisable to always stay ahead of the game while traveling from Australia by hiring limo service Los Angeles for the duration of the business trip. How do you think your clients or business partners will perceive you when you come out of the limo car you hired looking all dashing, collected and smart knowing you got into L.A few hours to the meeting? Impressive!!! Guess that is the point after all. Creating a lasting wow impression at first encounter shortly after a long trip is an understatement as discussions and ideas will flow naturally during the period while the meeting lasts.

Taking Basic but Necessary Essentials

While traveling on a business trip, I try as much as I can to carry my deodorant as one of the basic things I need. We all cannot ignore the fact that males are known to have a strong smell at the very slightest chance. Some scientist has traced it back to our strong gene/hormone but nevertheless, no one likes to be associated with a guy who has a smell as if he were going through puberty. It really does not hurt to always smell good. A conducive environment for business is what makes the flow of communication going with ease as opposed to when an individual who has let the whole business trip wear out on him and still cannot conceal it with proper shower and deodorant.

Showing your status quo

As I mentioned earlier while stating being prepared and staying ahead of the game for business trips, sometimes, a business trip is mostly about showing your class and sophistication. From someone like me who has been on several travels from Australia to Los Angeles, display of your status starts from your appearance. You are judged based on what you wear, and this is including your outfit as well as the devices you use and how you carry yourself and cruising by hiring limo service Los Angeles is not a bad idea at all as it adds extra flavor to your class and standard.


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Loving business trips is no longer just a choice but a necessity for an Australian traveler like me as they are a vital part of most people working lives so why not make the most out of it and enjoy the process while it lasts for the period of the whole journey while also being very productive. Just as the saying goes all work and no play, make Jack a dull individual.

Sometimes one-on-one meetings are organized to build and strengthen relationships

Especially in this age and time where technology has taken over and meetings can be done remotely via Skype without the need to travel all the way to a different location to converge with other people. Another way to look at business trips like this is from the angle of investment of time and money to create an impression and assure your clients that they are held in high esteem and considered a priority which will further strengthen trust and build an easy flow of communication. Hence, as an Australia traveler, whenever I go for business trips, I look at it from a brighter angle as winning client’s loyalty and fostering a better relationship.

So why not make the most out of the trip?

Explore new discoveries and opportunities that might be encountered which could be as basic as visiting a new city. It’s the reason why it is advisable to make a list of things you have never tried before that you would want to try for each business trip. While it is advisable to make the most of the trip from Australia to Los Angeles, it is also important to stay in touch with homies and colleagues in Australia. Even though this is one of the many worries for anyone traveling, that they would be out of touch while the trip lasts, it is imperative that all arrangements are in place for constant contact.

Sometimes the various events happening at the time of visit

This can make one get carried away. While trying to balance between work and pleasure all in the hopes of getting the most out the trip. Therefore, it is advisable to have a schedule plan. The plan is about how things are going to be done. Either pleasure after work for the duration of the visitor mix the pleasure in between schedule of business meetings. These meetings might not really be a good idea but not entirely a bad idea if you don’t want to be idle and bored.

Carefully drafting meeting timetable. Placing them where they can be seen all the time. Reminders should be incorporated into your plan.

Most people shun the idea of taking a partner with them while embarking on a business trip to avoid unnecessary distraction or to save cost. But looking at it from a brighter angle, it pays off to travel along with a partner to create beautiful memories that would be reminisced in future. Exploring the city of Los Angeles with a partner makes it more fun if the balance between business and pleasure can be done without the pleasure side overshadowing the business purpose of embarking on the trip in first place. In general, traveling on a business trip is stressful and making out little time to get to see new places. Also, it gives experience new things might be planned together with it nothing beats having a great time as relief of all the stress before returning to Australia and knowing the whole journey is worth it but psychologically and financially.

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