The perks of studying Business in Australia

Written by Lucas McCormick

Why study business in Australia? First of all, Australia is home to some of the best places to live and study. The climate here is welcoming with long hot summers and short, mild winters. The beaches, mountains, the idyllic countryside; there is nothing not to love about this country.

Back on track, what really makes Australia the right place to study business? Australia’s education system has earned global recognition and has produced some top business people in both finance and accounting. Therefore, a business diploma or degree is going to open up opportunities for you both domestically and internationally.

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Before you go ahead and decide that business is the course for you, it is prudent to know what you stand to gain. In this post, we will discuss some perks of studying business in Australia.

International recognition

A business course in Australia opens your doors not only to local chances but also global opportunities. Once you graduate, you will be able to work anywhere in the world. It is a chance to be a holistic business scholar who will have an advantage when it comes to seeking employment.

A pool of business school forms

If you decide to study on campus, Australia is exploding with universities and higher learning institutions. The University of Sydney, for instance, is a global academic giant and specifically a powerhouse for business courses.

For distance learners, there is a range of choices to make your pick. The University of Southern Queensland is a consideration you should be making. You also have a choice to go to a big city institution or a smaller town institution like the University of Tasmania.

Double degrees

In Australia, you do not have to wait to finish one degree to take up the other. You can do them simultaneously. Frankly, this is a big plus for anyone with interest in two different fields. Currently, you can enroll in a business course and at the same time study a degree in art, language or science. Even though you will take longer to complete the double degrees, you will graduate with two hats.

Work experience

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Australian universities and high education colleges focus on giving students relevant knowledge. Students go for international tour studies, undertake internships, and complete industry-specific projects before graduation. All these give graduates real work experience. It becomes effortless to secure jobs.

There is a surge in global demand for business graduates

The world requires business graduates. Not just any business students, but those with relevant qualifications. Since Australia is among the top academic countries and home to several prestigious institutions, it is the perfect time to study business. While the Australian market has a considerable gap for business experts, the world outside there is a sea of opportunities.

How long does it take to study business in Australia?

Your business study duration will boil down to what level you are studying. For instance, a diploma business course will take 2 years. If you go ahead and enroll for a degree, you will take less than the typical three years for both diploma and degree. For a degree, you will take the mandatory three years before you can graduate. For masters in business, you will take up to 18 months. It all ends up with making the right decision for your passion and your pocket muscle.

How much does it cost to study business in Australia?

Education in Australia is pretty affordable. Additionally, daily life in the cities is not expensive. How much you end up paying for your business course depends on the level and the institution you enroll. For instance, if you are taking a business degree and you join a prestigious university in Australia; expect to pay a handsome figure in school fees and related costs.

Wrap up

In conclusion, a decision to study business in Australia is a great one. There is an endless list of disciplines to make your pick. You will also have plenty of institutions to make your choice. Above all, once you graduate you will have plenty of career opportunities to pursue. Go ahead and make up your mind today. Study business and take control of your career path.

Best Small Business to Start in Australia

Written by Lucas McCormick

Are you wondering about the best small business to start in Australia? Well, you are in the right place. This post will cover small business opportunities in Australia. Please, read on.

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Australia may not be what comes to your mind when talking about the top global economies, but you have to agree that it is a very stable economy. Therefore, it harbors a fertile ground for the starting and growing of small businesses. In an opinion post by MYOB business monitor, Australia is experiencing a resurgence in business confidence. It is not surprising at all that small businesses are cropping out from left, right and center.

Of course, starting a small business in Australia comes with its challenges. Nevertheless, small businesses are rising to the occasion and are leaving a mark in the nation. For those looking for opportunities for the best small business to start in Australia, you will not be wrong exploring any of these ideas;

Pet services

The love of pets among Australians is at an all-time high. This love comes with an opportunity in pet care and services. On average, pet owners are spending massively on the health care of their animals.

If you are someone with a passion for taking care of pets, this is a chance to start a business. You can as well team up with local pet warehouses to make it a viable opportunity.

IT services

Finally, the digital bug has caught up with over 90% of Australian businesses. They are now opening their doors to technology and supporting services. Technology is the new driver of business growth and with it comes an opportunity for IT enthusiasts.

This opening is a chance for Information technology experts to tap into the demand and be the middle bolts to growing businesses in Australia. The opportunities in this niche are limitless, and your small business will grow immensely without needing much input.


When new businesses start, they are in desperate need to connect with prospective customers and industry leaders. Unfortunately, there are not many people skilled in connecting businesses to people.

Here is a chance to open up a business that bridges the gap between consumers and new businesses. If you have networking skills that you can use with the help technology, your small business will be the go-to solution not only for new entrants but also established ventures.

Nutrition and Fitness

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The Australian health sector is doing so much to keep the population healthy and fit. However, there is a gap at the individual level where everyone is seeking personal ways to be healthy by watching what they eat and how they exercise.

The Australian population is health-conscious, and any business geared towards nutrition and fitness would find a ready in Australia. With the right skills and the passion for a healthier society, a nutrition and fitness business is going to be a gold mine.

Travel Agency

Australians love traveling. They take every opportunity they get to tour local attractions as well as travel overseas. A significant portion of the travelers does not know much about the world’s top tourist destination. Even if they do, they will need someone to make travel arrangements and reservations.

Certainly, this is a business opportunity you can explore. Once you position yourself as a reliable and affordable travel agency, it will be all smiles to the bank.

Green Services Consultancy

The world is going green, and Australia wants to be among the first nations transitioning to a green economy. However, most of the businesses are still in the dark about the going-green concept. On the other hand, the government is passing policies to ensure that companies are playing their proper role in preserving the environment.

There is a chance to be green services consultancy. You will help businesses interpret the green policy and come up with ways to comply with government directives. It is an opportunity to be at the table of future decision makers, and it comes with massive financial rewards.

Wrap up

Absolutely, there is no grain of doubt to the fact that Australia is a hotbed of small business opportunities ready for plucking. Now that we have identified some of those small business ideas you can start in Australia, it is time to go for the big prize. Most importantly, identify an opportunity you are passionate about, and you will never look back.

Understanding the Dynamics of Business Loans in Australia

Written by Lucas McCormick

When your business gets to a financial cliff, the best way to save it is getting a loan. There is so much you need to know before taking a business loans in Australia. Ultimately, you need the best loan deal. Your guess is right; a good business loan is one you can pay back comfortably, and returns your business to the path of growth.

Finding the best Business loans in Australia

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First things first, what is a business loan? Well, it is a specific amount of money lent to a registered business. The keyword here is ‘registered.’ If your business is not registered, you do not qualify for a business loan.

In Australia and the world at large, there are tons of business loan types. Each has a dedication to serving a specific business. Before settling for any loan, it is essential to understand the immediate need and if that loan will solve it completely. Above all, it is paramount that you use the loan to serve the specific need. Failure to understand all this, your business is likely to default on the loan and end up in a more profound financial crisis.

Types of Business Loans

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Generally, loans are more like cereals. They show up in an array of shapes, sizes, and with varying benefits. To take a loan that will work best for your business, you have to analyze each type and go for the one that not only solves the apparent problem but also stabilizes your business for the future.

Overall, there are two main types of business loans;

Unsecured business loan

To get this loan, you do not need any collateral such as property. It is the reason why many small and medium businesses go for these loans since they do not have a bulk of assets to secure the loan. For your heads up, this type of loan comes with higher interest rates. The loan amounts also tend to be on a low scale. The amount is usually pegged on your business’ revenue, debts at the Australian Tax Office, and your credit score.

Secured business loan

To acquire this loan, you need asset security. It is usually a loan option for the bigger businesses which have accumulated lots of assets. Since you have collateral for the loan, you can get larger amounts. Notably, these loans have low-interest rates. Your safety net is your asset, and when you default on the loan, the lender can legally claim it.

What loan should you go for?

It is your business that dictates the kind of loan you can get. Established companies will do well with secured business loans. On the flip side, small start-ups and medium-size businesses have no option but to go for unsecured loans. Whatever credit you go for, make sure it is the best choice for your business. When used carefully, loans can help your business grow in heaps, but a misstep will land you in a deeper financial ditch.  Finally, never take a loan that you cannot pay back. It is a trap that you should avoid at all cost.

Australian Clothing

What people wear in Australia

Written by Lucas McCormick

Australian fashion trends and consequently the clothing they wear are mainly dependent on three factors. They are the climate, one’s inner personality, and culture. When I say inner personality I mean there are myriad clothing outfits out there. However Australians are very careful in choosing what they wear. It can be because of the sun, or because you are feeling in a bright mood today. One way or another, what the typical Australian wears undoubtedly reflects his inner vibe. Australians are good at vibing with their surroundings. It is a skill that they adopted as of centuries ago, when they first set foot on that beautiful country. Back then, the Australian subcontinent was only inhabited by the aborigines dressed in possum skin cloaks. The first Englishmen soon blended that dress style with their riding boots and jackets and greatcoats, to produce a whole new sense of style in Australia. And thus was born the fashion boom in Australia.

Today, Australians are not so different than what they were back then.

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Today, they still retain the ability to wear the climate, to wear their inner selves on their sleeves    The typical Australian dresses different from the rest of the world. If he doesn’t feel good about a style of clothing then he ditches it. That’s because his sense of style and who is are is very important to him. Looking great isn’t enough, he needs to feel that way.     Today, as of March 2019, you will see that retro is all the rage among men, and loud boisterous dresses, among women. That is indicative of how men and women feel differently about themselves within the Australian fashion rind. Women are brighter, and men feel more conserved. This is possibly due to the chilly climate that has a dulling effect on the male Australians psyche, and an inverse effect on the Australian woman.

However fashion in Australia is past paced and ever changing and what is here today will be something else tomorrow.

Back in the 1930s, women and men of Australia wore clothes that were gender neutral.

image is showing people in 1930

The cotton pants for example, that was all the rage in the 1930s. Both men and women wore similar outfits. That was the birth of the gender neutral fashion pang, which still prevails today. It is not uncommon to walk around on the street and notice a girl wearing a male’s T-shirt. However you can hardly tell the difference, because she wears it with her own style.

That shows how one dress can be made to look like something else altogether, just by looking comfortable in it.

Another thing that many strangers to Australian fashion would find hilarious is that some schools mandate sun hats as a part of the school uniform. That couldn’t happen anywhere else but in Australia. That’s an example of how greatly climate changes influence our tastes in what we wear.

Nearly as much as Australian fashion depends on climate and personality; it also derives its roots from celebrity worship. Back in the 1990s, Kate Moss was an icon all over Australia. What she wore was what Australian youth wore. What she did, was what they did. And if she went on a starvation binge, millions of Australians would do the same.    All this gave way to a new fashion trend like the leopard skin tank tops that are common among young people now. I remember the same dress was all the rage in stalls in Sydney in the late 1990s. All this happened just a celebrity once wore it.

But no trend in Australia is the same as it was before.

Trends change like lighting and evolve just as fast. Above all, it is that climate/style/culture equation that I mentioned earlier, that plays a big role in shaping Australian perspectives. Those perspectives then manifest in the form of the clothes they wear. The art of vibing the surrounding, and dressing for the climate, through one’s own unique style, that is the definition of Australian fashion sense.

To tourists in Australia this can seem a bit outrageous. They get mystified at the weird blend of styles they cannot comprehend. However to a true Australian, one’s fashion is one’s soul. And that itself will always be the everlasting trend of fashionable dressing in Australia.

Australian Business Traveller


Written by Lucas McCormick


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I am an Australian business traveler. There is a certain situation that needs to be avoided while traveling. Especially from Australia to Los Angeles. You can have a lot of conditions like getting stressed, frustrated and anxious are some of the things. That’s why you should prepare to avoid while traveling either for leisure or business purpose. Especially if the trip is based on a business purpose. Speaking from experience, this should be considered carefully to have the right state of mind in executing properly. Professionally the business has chosen to be embarked on, as it can either be your only source of livelihood or side hustle. Either way, it is a means to an end. Therefore, there is a need to avoid or remove all the stress. That is most likely to be encountered from the travel experience.


OF There is no doubt that there are several drawbacks when it comes to traveling, but often it is usually worth it when cheques are involved. The secret to successful trips includes: Being Prepared: In a city like Los Angeles, it is advisable to always stay ahead of the game while traveling from Australia by hiring limo service Los Angeles for the duration of the business trip. How do you think your clients or business partners will perceive you when you come out of the limo car you hired looking all dashing, collected and smart knowing you got into L.A few hours to the meeting? Impressive!!! Guess that is the point after all. Creating a lasting wow impression at first encounter shortly after a long trip is an understatement as discussions and ideas will flow naturally during the period while the meeting lasts.

Taking Basic but Necessary Essentials

While traveling on a business trip, I try as much as I can to carry my deodorant as one of the basic things I need. We all cannot ignore the fact that males are known to have a strong smell at the very slightest chance. Some scientist has traced it back to our strong gene/hormone but nevertheless, no one likes to be associated with a guy who has a smell as if he were going through puberty. It really does not hurt to always smell good. A conducive environment for business is what makes the flow of communication going with ease as opposed to when an individual who has let the whole business trip wear out on him and still cannot conceal it with proper shower and deodorant.

Showing your status quo

As I mentioned earlier while stating being prepared and staying ahead of the game for business trips, sometimes, a business trip is mostly about showing your class and sophistication. From someone like me who has been on several travels from Australia to Los Angeles, display of your status starts from your appearance. You are judged based on what you wear, and this is including your outfit as well as the devices you use and how you carry yourself and cruising by hiring limo service Los Angeles is not a bad idea at all as it adds extra flavor to your class and standard.


image is showing Santa Monica Pier

Loving business trips is no longer just a choice but a necessity for an Australian traveler like me as they are a vital part of most people working lives so why not make the most out of it and enjoy the process while it lasts for the period of the whole journey while also being very productive. Just as the saying goes all work and no play, make Jack a dull individual.

Sometimes one-on-one meetings are organized to build and strengthen relationships

Especially in this age and time where technology has taken over and meetings can be done remotely via Skype without the need to travel all the way to a different location to converge with other people. Another way to look at business trips like this is from the angle of investment of time and money to create an impression and assure your clients that they are held in high esteem and considered a priority which will further strengthen trust and build an easy flow of communication. Hence, as an Australia traveler, whenever I go for business trips, I look at it from a brighter angle as winning client’s loyalty and fostering a better relationship.

So why not make the most out of the trip?

Explore new discoveries and opportunities that might be encountered which could be as basic as visiting a new city. It’s the reason why it is advisable to make a list of things you have never tried before that you would want to try for each business trip. While it is advisable to make the most of the trip from Australia to Los Angeles, it is also important to stay in touch with homies and colleagues in Australia. Even though this is one of the many worries for anyone traveling, that they would be out of touch while the trip lasts, it is imperative that all arrangements are in place for constant contact.

Sometimes the various events happening at the time of visit

This can make one get carried away. While trying to balance between work and pleasure all in the hopes of getting the most out the trip. Therefore, it is advisable to have a schedule plan. The plan is about how things are going to be done. Either pleasure after work for the duration of the visitor mix the pleasure in between schedule of business meetings. These meetings might not really be a good idea but not entirely a bad idea if you don’t want to be idle and bored.

Carefully drafting meeting timetable. Placing them where they can be seen all the time. Reminders should be incorporated into your plan.

Most people shun the idea of taking a partner with them while embarking on a business trip to avoid unnecessary distraction or to save cost. But looking at it from a brighter angle, it pays off to travel along with a partner to create beautiful memories that would be reminisced in future. Exploring the city of Los Angeles with a partner makes it more fun if the balance between business and pleasure can be done without the pleasure side overshadowing the business purpose of embarking on the trip in first place. In general, traveling on a business trip is stressful and making out little time to get to see new places. Also, it gives experience new things might be planned together with it nothing beats having a great time as relief of all the stress before returning to Australia and knowing the whole journey is worth it but psychologically and financially.

All About Designer Silver Jewellery And Their Evolution In Australian Fashion

Silver has been considered as a standout amongst the most valuable metals on earth. Despite the fact that its esteem is viewed as second just to gold, regardless it stays a standout amongst the most profitable minerals to date. Because of its brilliant and grayish qualities, it is regularly utilized for decorations, gems, utensils (from which the term flatware originated from), high esteem silverware and a conspicuous image for cash which is utilized in coins.

Silver adornments is customarily produced using sterling silver, or, in other words of 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper. To give it quality, while safeguarding the malleability and quality of this valuable metal, silversmiths normally alloyed the silver. Fine silver, or, in other words, is regularly too delicate for creating valuable items.

Everything began in the nineteenth century, when the Australian gem dealers safeguard their national personality by fundamentally utilizing the widely varied vegetation as their subject in planning their adornments. Precedents of Austalian plans would be the local pear, banksia, and plant as enriching subjects and Australian fauna, especially the kangaroo, emu and the kookaburra.

The opal gemstone, or, in other words in the late nineteenth century, is likewise added to the adornments pieces. Some valuable gemstones, for example, agates, quartz, blue and yellow sapphires and zircons which can be found in Northern Queensland additionally add clues to speak to the Australian character. Utilizing leaf structures encompassing the pin is another subject that was normally utilized amid the Victorian period. Likewise in this period, another sign of national character is by utilizing the plans with the Tasmanian guide or a clasp consolidating the Southern Cross.

As time passes by, especially by the beginning of the twentieth century, the plans have advanced and pursued the styles of Europe. This was viewed as the Arts and Crafts period wherein the pieces were worked in silver and polish, and some of the time put with pearls. These structures yielded marvelous gems pieces which right now are colossal incentive for cash.

Presently, different gems lines in Australia have been rising and take into account the necessities of the Australian form industry. Prominent gems brands, for example, Von Treskow, Lauren Hinkley, Mezi, Kerry Rocks, Fabienne and Nicole Fendel is advancing in advancing the Australian specialty of gems making. From a wide determination of extras going from rings to neckbands and to hairpieces, these brands can ensure that the majority of their items are of the most elevated principles.